Choose Love


I lost my mom to cancer.
A stay-at-home mom, turned professional educator.
She received a master's degree in Speech Pathology while raising three children.
She was beautiful, loving, fun, a major goofball, vegan, lover of all animals, and a
devoted advocate for children.
She is my hero.

In March of 2011, she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

A year later, after two brain surgeries, eight rounds of chemotherapy, and six weeks of intense radiation, I walked into her room one morning to bring her breakfast and give
her a kiss on her forehead. I was her caregiver.

She looked at me and smiled with her radiant eyes, pointing at the wall behind her.
In the night, she had somehow gotten out of bed, managed to print something
she’d found on the internet, and pinned it to her wall.

“It pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it,” she said.

This is what it reads:


Always feels bad
Motivates grasping
Seizes control
Insists on certainty
Needs everything

Always feels good
Motivates liberation
Relaxes control
Accepts uncertainty
Needs nothing

Her words live with me everyday and help me find beauty in grief.
Our hope for this site is to help others in their journey.

Choose love,
Derek Rey

Co-Founder of

With my founder (my mom) enjoying our last Christmas, Dec ‘2011